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Greetings from HELP Foundation, J&K

A couple of months ago, COVID-19 was just like a localized epidemic in China. Watching the news about Coronavirus was seemed boring rather than concerning about. It was just a matter of days the virus spread across length and breadth of the globe and took all of us by surprise when WHO announced COVID-10 as Global Pandemic.

Today on April, 017, 2020 the virus has infected over 1.3 million people globally with a potential to infect several million people more. While physical distancing and handwashing is considered as 90% defeat to the deadliest spread, governments across more than100 countries have announced the lockdown, either partially or completely. 

Lockdowns have the potential to protect our elderly and vulnerable population, but simultaneously it has the immense potential to devastate the livelihood of younger ones. With lockdown across different developing nations, hundreds of thousands are struggling to keep alive. Should this lockdown continue by a few weeks more, thousands of marginalised families will die of starvation and acute hunger.

In Kashmir, this lockdown has a different meaning than the rest of the regions in India. This is just a continuation of what this region has been witnessing for the last seven months, where rest of the nation is finding out means of doing every possible task using digitization and electronic mode while staying away, Kashmir is fighting this war with low bandwidth (2G) internet service. It has become a challenge for our doctors in updating themselves with the latest research happening in the world, a challenge for civil society organizations in conducting awareness campaigns using electronic mode etc.

In Kashmir, the COVID-19 lockdown has not only impacted the livelihoods of marginalised families but also initiated a fresh cycle of mental trauma among the struggling population. It is imperative to let you know that our organization continues to support conflict-affected marginalized people for two decades now. During the COVID-19 pandemic, our focus has been attending to the needs of poor widows and downtrodden. Our support goes in the shape of Dry Ration, Medicine, Personal Protective gear, Cash transfers etc.

We appeal you to kindly sponsor ONE Person, ONE Family or ONE Small Project to help most deserving survive these crises.

Your contribution from Rs. 1,000 to Rs. 100,000 will certainly prove to be helpful in making a difference. Let’s pledge to win this war with our contributions in whatever ways we can.


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