Securing Livelihood of people dependent on Informal Economy

HELP Foundation J&K works with the most marginalized section of the society – workers in exploitative and unregulated employment, who constitutes the majority of the PIEs. In the very fashion, HELP Foundation with the support of European Commission started working with People Dependent on Informal Economy (PIEs) from the year 2015 in the Beerwa Block of District Budgam.

HELP Foundation contributed towards the socioeconomic empowerment of women working in informal sector during the last four years (2015-2019) of project implementation. It did so by working directly with 400 Home Based Sozni Workers, and indirectly engaged 600 People in Informal Economy (PIEs), in 21 villages of Beerwa block, Budgam (J&K). The project focused on creating Self Help Groups (SHGs) to mobilize and empower home-based women artisans which resulted in creation of 35 SHGs out of which 27 federated into Cooperatives / Units through the Department of Handicrafts.

HELP Foundation build the capacity of PIEs to advocate for safeguarding the social security, minimum wages and better working conditions. It strengthened their livelihoods through skill-building, vocational training and market linkage, thereby contributing towards their equality, social cohesion, and a life of dignity. The skill enhancement and Market Exposures provided PIEs the opportunity to seek better and higher paying work. In addition, it also strengthened dialogue and information sharing between PIEs and local level authorities, between CSOs and trade unions, people’s networks, CSOs and state authorities. The key stakeholders involved in the project for smooth functioning and support are the Labor Officers, Lawyers, Bureaucrats, Block Development Officers, Panchayat Raj Institutions (PRIs), Trade Unions, and CSOs.


  • Around 0.896% Marginalized people dependent on informal economy in Beerwa Block have increased awareness of and better access to their socio-economic rights and entitlements relating to decent work.

  • Around 0.248% HBWs now have the skills and capacities to access a wider range of livelihoods post skill building and vocational training.

  • 120 PIEs have been facilitated with Social Security Benefits through relevant Government departments and institutions.

  • 27 SHGs have been federated into Cooperatives / Units through liaising with the Department of Handicrafts and 345 HBWs have been registered as Artisans with the Department of Handicrafts.

  • 365 HBWs have been financially linked with The Jammu & Kashmir Bank Limited during the year and 18 SHGs have as well been financially linked for savings and business activities.

  • 2 HBWs have availed the loan specifically devised for artisans for starting the entrepreneurial activities on a larger scale and 5 HBWs have propelled their business activities on a unitary platform.


Duration: 4 Years

Target: 400 Home Based Workers (Direct) and 600 PIEs (Indirect)

Budget:  79,99,568

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