Community Welfare

Charities make a difference to millions of lives across the globe. There are thousands of charities and charitable organizations registered and unregistered extending their generous support to poor and needy. Charities mostly address the basic needs of sustenance and life. Many charities get transformed into development organizations with time once they start working on sustainable development. 
HELP Foundation is one such organization that started charitable work in late nineties and continues to work for the welfare of conflict affected people of Kashmir. HELP has been supporting people in the following areas;
  1. Sustenance allowance to widows, old aged and chronic patients.
  2. Winter relief to poor and underprivileged families once a year.
  3. Eid gifts/cash assistance to poor and needy on occasions like Eid and festivals.
  4. Scholarships to orphans and poor. 
  5. Marriage assistance to girls of families headed by widows.
  6. Qurbani meat distribution among poor.
  7. Relief to survivors of calamities. 
  8. Food packs for poor families once a year-Ramadhan Program
  9. IFTAR Parties during Ramadan with Orphans and poor children
More details about charity work of HELP is listed below