Awareness program held by Help foundation in association with Action aid Association

“Securing Rights and Sustainable Livelihoods for People Dependent on the Informal Economy in Kashmir supported by European Commission”.The programme was organized on Monday, 10th September, 2018 at District Institute of Education and Trainings (DIET) Auditorium, Beerwa, District Budgam with representatives from Government departments which focused on the needs, rights and accessibility of several governmental schemes available to women home based workers (Artisans) hailing from District Budgam and are involved in informal sector (Handicraft) for their livelihood.

The eminent Guests from Government department who attended the programme were Mr. Nazir Ahmad (Manager, J&K Bank, Beerwa), Advocate Naseer Ahmed (High Court), Mr. Dilshad Ahmad Banday (Zonal Education Officer, Beerwa), Mr. Mohammad Sadiq (Master Trainer, Education Department), Mr. Muzaffar (AHTO, Beerwa) and Ms. Irshada Yousuf (HTO, Beerwa).

“The main purpose of the programme is to raise awareness and sensitize a range of stakeholders towards evolving concrete discussion for serving those who are involved in informal sector (handicraft) for their livelihood thereby promoting their sustainable development.” said Mr. Muhammad Shadab Chisti (Programme Manager, HELP Foundation J&K).

During the workshop it was stressed by the speakers especially by Mr. Dilshad Ahmad Bhanday that it is actually the role of government departments to provide a platform to such artisans for their socio-economic security, enhanced credit facilities, raw materials, avenues for direct marketing, reintegration and mainstreaming them in the market economy. He praised the efforts and role of Project EC-PIE under the aegis of HELP Foundation and expressed his full support to the artisans of the Beerwa block and further stressed that his good offices would facilitate to any extent for the prosperity of the block.

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