Dilshada was born in the village Ohangam of Beerwah Tehsil. Her father was killed in 2001 due to which she left her education after completing her Matriculation to support her family. She is having two sisters and one brother. Her mother started living separately after her remarriage.

Dilshada along with her sisters and brother were brought up by their uncle in the village Dragar. Dilshada learned sozni craft and gradually became a skilled worker which resulted in improvement of their economic condition. Dilshad would support her family out of sozni work earnings.She also kept on saving money for her marriage and got married to a driver in the same village where her mother remarried.

HELP Foundation in association with Action Aid Association started Project PIE which provided various training & awareness facilities to the artisans including raw material and the marketing of finished goods.

Dilshada came to know about the Project PIE through one of the orientation programmes which resulted information of a SHG in Ohangam. She is an important member of the SHG. She believes that various issues were discussed with the members of the group through various training & awareness programmes which resulted in solution to a number of problems which the members faced. It came to lime light that these workers are exploited by middlemen who provide raw material to these artisans but pay very less as compared to the benefits they draw through selling these finished goods.

She understands the underlying concept of collectivization and encourages all the group members to come together on daily basis so that they could share their problems and grow as a force against any injustice. She has been working very hard on the count shawls provided to her and other group members and believes that the assistance would result in improvement of her economic condition.

She now considers herself more skillful than ever as a result of project PIE intervention through which she was able to visit various women empowerment centers across the valley where she realized how collective working enhanced the living standard of women. She feels connected to the world after undergoing events like Vocational Training, Handicrafts Registration, Leadership Training and so on organized for the HBWs from time to time.

Dilshada is of the opinion that the joint & individual bank accounts will go a long way in safeguarding the rights and interests of women and would enable women to save money as well which could be utilized in starting a joint venture. Dildhada is of the opinion that the artisan registration through Handicraft Department has given her a different identity which would enable her in future to participate in various exhibitions and showcase her finished goods.

She is now more aware about the schemes available to the women through various departments and agencies and even keeps a track of news through Print and Electronic media as she believes that in future she would definitely start her own business and would ensure stable earnings for her sisters and brother along with other women she would work with.

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