Ghulam Mohiuddin Hajam ,the only bread earner for his family, died on 08/08/2008 leaving behind his wife Rehti Bano, 7 children( 3 daughters and 4 sons) and a physically disabled brother in law. The age of the eldest son of Rehti Bano was only 12 years at the time of the death of her husband. Now the responsibility of the family was on her shoulders. Liyaqat Mohiuddin, the eldest son of Rehti Bano could not see the sufferings of her and left studies to work as a labourer and earn for his family.
September 2014 floods in the valley brought another misfortune to the family. They lived in a shared house that too collapsed by the flood waters leaving the family of 9 members homeless. At the time of the cash relief distribution by the Revenue department, the brother in law of Rehti Bano claimed one third share in the collapsed house and the issue was not settled. Hence the Revenue department cancelled the cash relief for both the families.
After the denial of the cash relief by the government for the construction of their house, they constructed a shed from the debris of the collapsed housed to live in. The family income was too low to construct a new house and were forced to sell off the agricultural land for the construction of a new house which also needed for getting her daughter married. It is very difficult for homeless people to get their children married.
In June 2018 we had an interaction with village committee for the livelihood intervention under project “LIVED” supported by TATA relief committee. The village committee prioritized Rehti Bano for livelihood support. During the verification we found the said family in a miserable conditions, but the family was hardworking and were taking good care of an existing, low milking capacity cow. We decided to provide this family a cow as livelihood support under the project.
The average milking capacity of the cow is 8 litres per day. They sell 8 litres per day and use the milk from another cow for domestic consumption. They earn an amount of Rs 6240/- per month from the sale of milk and get cow dung as manure for their land. Now her three sons too started formal schooling. HELP Foundation provided a Sewing Machine to their daughter under “One Nation” supported project. We hope this support also will prove as a sustainable livelihood option for this unfortunate family.   

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