Mehfooza Akhter

 Mahfooza Akther, after losing her  father at an early age to a congenital heart ailment,  left her studies to learn tailoring skill.  At the age when pen and books should have been in her bag she used to carry  scissors and other tailoring equipments, all because of  that congenital heart ailment  to which her father succumbed. Sadly this heart ailment was inherited to her three brothers also. 
After completing her tailoring training  Mahfooza Akhter joined HELP Foundation’s tailoring centre at Saida Kadal and continues tailoring for her wherewithal, Mahfooza was happy with her earnings. Mahfooza got married at an age of 30, she was happy with her new life. Sadly her happiness was short lived and got divorced within two months of her marriage. After divorce she started living with one of her brother. Her brother died soon she started living with his family. Mehfooza’s misfortune aggravated with her mother’s death. She was left alone with no one to look after. Mehfooza migrated to her younger brother, a daily wager surviving heart ailment.  
September 2014 floods in the valley brought another misfortune to this family, their house collapsed leaving them homeless and soon her second bother died of cardiac arrest. Ironically LAWDA did not allow them to construct a new house and are now  living in a rented room since 2014. 
HELP Foundation could not be a mute spectator to her sufferings, Mehfooza was supported financially to establish a canteen near one of the leading coaching institutions of Valley. Mehfooza did not lose her courage and stood fast and firm to fight her sufferings. She earns a good amount of money now to support her life and pays for her brother’s medical bills. Mehfooza is all set to construct her house as soon as the concerned authority permits her to do so.  

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